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Balat Çavuş Bath (Hamam)

Balat Çavuş Bath (Hamam)

Balat Çavuş Bath, which has an excellent location on the shore of the Golden Horn, is located right next to Ferruh Kethüda, one of the masterpieces of Sinan the Architect and also known as Balat Mosque.

Balat Çavuş Bath, which is the most important places to be visited in Balat quarter of Fatih District in Istanbul and of which construction date is not clearly known but it would be correct to consider the estimations that it was built during Mehmet the conqueror or Beyazid II period, is among the beauties of the city waiting to be discovered.

Balat Cavus Bath, which is a rectangular structure and bears traces of Ottoman architecture in general terms, consists of two separate sections for men and women as in all other Ottoman baths. Balat Çavuş Bath, which is still in service today and belongs to a person, has recently come to the agenda that it has been put up for sale.

You can visit Balat Cavus Bath, which is one of the structures reflecting the Ottoman bath architecture in the most beautiful way and has witnessed many important moments throughout history in certain times and you can experience a magnificent bath experience. The working hours of Balat Cavus Bath located in Fatih district Çavuş Hamamı Street - Ayvansaray Neighborhood are between 07.00 and 22.00 every day.

In fact, the hot section of Balat Cavus Bath, which is considered in the category of "double bath" and does not have much decoration from the outside, is a large space with iwan on sides, rectangular shape and dome. The illumination of Balat Cavus Bath, which is one of the most striking examples of double room bath type, is provided by high windows in the changing room.

Balat Çavuş Bath (Hamam)Balat Çavuş Bath (Hamam)Balat Çavuş Bath (Hamam)Balat Çavuş Bath (Hamam)



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