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Ayşe and Ercüment Kalmık Museum

Ayşe and Ercüment Kalmık Museum

Ayşe and Ercüment Kalmık Museum located within the boundaries of Beyoğlu District of Istanbul has been serving as open to visit today since Ercüment Kalmık, one of the leading names in the history of Turkish painting, turned it into a museum. Exhibition area and art studios are placed in the backyard during the restoration of the house, which has the characteristics of late 19th century architecture.

Ayşe and Ercüment Kalmık Museum, where the works of Ercüment Kalmık among the doyennes of the history of Turkish painting, has an additional building and areas for art studio downstairs and temporary exhibitions upstairs. The museum, which can be visited every day except Sunday, Monday and public holidays, is open to visitors between 11.00 and 19.00. Ercüment Kalmık, who has two books titled "Texture in Nature and Art" and "Harmony Systems of Colors", is an artist who has succeeded to leave a trace with his works during and after his life.

Ercüment Kalmık, who is an artist of the Republic era, participated in many mixed exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad and opened his own exhibitions, also wrote articles on various concepts of Turkish painting. Ercüment Kalmık's house, which has been turned into a museum, attracts the attention of many local and foreign visitors today. Although the museum house in Gümüşsuyu quarter of Beyoğlu district in Istanbul is a vaulted building, it has managed to survive to the present day as a result of the restorations it has undergone in accordance with the original.

Ayşe and Ercüment Kalmık MuseumAyşe and Ercüment Kalmık MuseumAyşe and Ercüment Kalmık Museum



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