Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church

Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church

Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church

Although Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church located within the borders of Kuruçeşme district of Istanbul dates from 1798, it was actually demolished and rebuilt. In fact, the saddest information about Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church, which was built simultaneously with Armenian Church called Surp Cross, is that many workers lost their lives as a result of insufficient measures.

The most popular part of Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church is the holy spring, which is the name of water accepted as holy by Orthodox Christians. Even the following words of famous Eremya Çelebi about this holy spring also prove this: "It is obvious that the Holy Spring makes miracles and nobody gets enough from its water." There are beliefs that the water passing through the church heals.

In the very old times, the places where water passes through in Istanbul were called holy spring (ayazma) and religious buildings were built near them. This is also the story of Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church construction. Although Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church, which can be shown as one of the structures suffered the most among 18th century churches, is a typical Greek Orthodox Church, it mostly bears the traces of Ottoman architecture.

The new dome that had collapsed and caused the death of many people was built upon the order of Selim III and all these events are described in the inscription at the entrance of naos. The roof with a hipped roof plan and two slopes, a round, square-section dome and covered bell tower are definitely worth seeing in Ayios Dimitrios Greek Church. The simpler the outside is, the more decorated the inside is. There is a women's section on the narthex decorated with Baroque motifs.

Ayios Dimitrios Greek ChurchAyios Dimitrios Greek ChurchAyios Dimitrios Greek ChurchAyios Dimitrios Greek Church


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