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Hagia Kyriaki Church

Hagia Kyriaki Church

Aya Kiryaki Church or also known as Ayia Kiriaki Church, which located within the borders of Kumkapı district of Fatih, one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul, is a typical Greek Orthodox Church.

Aya Kiryaki Church, of which construction date goes back to the 16th century, was rebuilt three times in 1730, 1865 and 1894. Finally, it was rebuilt in 1894 and has taken its current form, and the reconstruction process of the church was undertaken by architect Periklis Fotiatis.

Aya Kiryaki Church visited by numerous local and foreign tourists throughout the year, is also one of the oldest religious buildings in Istanbul. The historical church, which has an excellent location between Kadırga Limanı Street and Çadırcı Cami Street on Gedikpaşa Street, was dedicated to the first Christian, Saint Kiryakiye, who lived in the period of Emperor Diocletian between 284-307. You can visit Aya Kiryaki Church, which is one of the places to visit in Kumkapı, at certain times of the day.

Aya Kiryaki Church, which arouses admiration with its exterior, architectural features and interior design, undoubtedly increases the interest as it is close to areas such as Hünkar Pavilion, New Mosque and Tanzimat Museum. The church considered as one of the most important cultural heritages of Istanbul has been made open to worship and visits after many repairs and restorations. You can listen to legends about Saint Kiryakiye, to whom the place of worship is dedicated and of which the construction date is not known clearly, during your visit.

Hagia Kyriaki ChurchHagia Kyriaki ChurchHagia Kyriaki ChurchHagia Kyriaki Church


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    Çok güzel bir yapı. Fakat kapalı içini görmek isterdim. Ne zaman açık olur?


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