Atlas Cinema

Atlas Cinema

Atlas Cinema

Historical Atlas Cinema, which is known as the most central point of Istanbul and located in Atlas Passage on World-renowned İstiklal Street, takes its place among the largest and oldest cinemas in the city. The building, which was built by Armenian businessman Agop Köçeyan to be used as a winter house after Istanbul fire in 1870 during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, was completely made of cast iron and stone.

The ground floor of the historical building, which was built with carcass features, was used as a horse barn in the past and later as a horse acrobat house. The shape of the building had changed over time and was included in the present Atlas Passage. Atlas Cinema, which was given by its owner Agop Köçeyan to Taksim Vosgeperan Armenian Church as a gift, has a capacity of 1,860 people as of today.

Atlas Cinema was opened on 19 February 1948 in Atlas Passage, which underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1932 and turned into an entertainment and art center. Atlas Cinema, which gained popularity from the first moment it opened as one of the biggest cinemas in Beyoğlu with its 350 lodges and a capacity of 1,860 people, was transferred to the Treasury in 1985. There are three different halls for 85, 130 and 500 people in the historical cinema operated by İrfan Atasoy and Türker İnanoğlu.

Atlas Cinema, which has a huge screen just like Emek Cinema, is one of the few cinemas in Istanbul in this sense. The balcony of Atlas Cinema, where the main hall is in the form of an amphitheater, also consists of lodges for 8, 6, 4 and 2 people. It is possible to follow projections at Atlas Cinema, where the sound and seating arrangement has been completely modernized as a result of the restoration it underwent, on the official website.

Atlas CinemaAtlas CinemaAtlas CinemaAtlas Cinema


  • slnkocx
    03.08.2022 07:43

    Geniş ve ferah salonunda film izleme fırsatım oldu. Müzesi sade ve şık dekore edilmiş, güzel kareler yakalarsınız


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