Aşiyan Museum

Aşiyan Museum

Aşiyan Museum

The Aşiyan Museum, better known as the "Tevfik Fikret Museum", is located on the Aşiyan Hill within the boundaries of Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, and is in a location that can be accessed from many central neighborhoods of the city. The house named "Aşiyan", where the famous Turkish poet Tevfik Fikret lived between 1906 and 1915, hosts its visitors in the concept of a museum house today.

In Aşiyan Museum, which attracts more and more literature lovers with its dazzling view of Istanbul and its historical importance, the belongings of the artists of the Edebiyat-ı Cedide and Tanzimat Literature periods are exhibited. The construction of the Aşiyan Museum, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Beşiktaş, was completed in 1906 as Tevfik Fikret's home. The Aşiyan Museum, which was bought by the Istanbul Municipality after the famous poet passed away, started hosting its first visitors as "Edebiyat-ı Cedide" on 19 August 1945.

The house, which became known as the 'Aşiyan Museum' after Tevfik Fikret's tomb was taken from Eyüp and buried in the garden of this museum house, now consists of nine sections including the garden: Garden, Edebiyat-ı Cedide section, hall section, Abdülhak Tarhan section, bedroom section, study room section, poet Nigar section, dining room section, kitchen, and laundry section. The name of the Aşiyan Museum, which offers a magnificent view of the Bosphorus on the back of the Rumeli Fortress, comes from the word "Aşiyan", which means "Home" in Persian.

The Aşiyan House, which was started to be built in 1905 and was ready to be settled in 1906, was rented to students by his wife as a hostel a while after Tevfik Fikret died. Afterward, Aşiyan House, which was converted into a museum upon the suggestions of Istanbul Mayor Lütfi Kırdar and Minister of National Education Hasan Ali Yücel, underwent a significant restoration in 2000.

Aşiyan MuseumAşiyan MuseumAşiyan MuseumAşiyan Museum


  • cemmelih
    28.09.2022 07:47

    Tevfik Fikret'in evi ama edebiyat müzesi olduğu için çağının diğer yazar ve şairleri ile ilgili bölümler de var. Ayrıca Tevfik Fikret tarafından yapılmış yağlıboya resimler de bulunmakta. Eşyaların çoğu orijinal.


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