Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)

Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)

Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)

Located within the borders of Buyukada in the district of Adalar (Islands) of Istanbul, Asiklar Yolu also has the characteristic of being the leading role in the famous novel called "Asiklar Yolunun Yolculari". Asiklar Yolu, especially being flooded by the people of Istanbul who want to walk among the island pine groves, offers spectacular nature views of the city.

You should definitely experience nature walks among the pine trees and the four-season fragrant flowers of Asiklar Yolu, which is famous for its black chickens. Asiklar Yolu, mentioned as ''Here, at the beginning of the road to these pines, I am waiting for her —the unknown of the unknown.'' in the poem called ''Ada Aksamlari'' by the famous poet Halit Fahri Ozansoy, is crowded on weekends, but it is calmer on weekdays.

Surrounded by cistus, rosemary, and erica arborea in spring, Asiklar Yolu is essentially a combined road that reaches almost eight kilometers, Asiklar and Manastir. You will be amazed by the love songs of the chaffinches and the goldfinches that will accompany you while walking on this road with a sea view and forested hiking trail.

You can reach Asiklar Yolu by a 20-minute walk from Buyukada Pier, which you can reach in 30-35 minutes by ferry from Bostanci. You can see the German Port, Yassiada, Imrali Island and Heybeliada as a bird's eye view from the Asiklar Yolu, where the Mediterranean climate prevails due to its southward facing. A wonderful experience will be waiting for you with the magnificent natural views of the Samanli and Bozburun mountains on the southwest slope of Asiklar Yolu.

With a magnificent view of the cistus that started blooming in mid-April on the approximately one-kilometer-long dirt road, adding color to nature, it fascinates every visitor. In the Asiklar Yolu, surrounded by a mixture of lemon and pine, purple flowers bloom in spring.

Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)Asiklar Yolu (Lovers' Road)



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