Asariye Mosque

Asariye Mosque

Asariye Mosque

The Asariye Mosque, which has an excellent location on the Rumeli side of the Bosphorus, is located at the intersection of Asariye Çıkmazı and Asariye Avenue within the borders of Yıldız District. The builder of this historical building, which dates back to 1839, is Sultan Mahmut II. The broken inscription with Sultan Mahmut II's signature, which has been preserved for centuries in the Asariye Mosque courtyard, where its architect is unknown, is worth seeing.

The prior mosque, located in the same place with Asariye Mosque, has been repaired and changed many times until that period. There are also opinions that the Asariye Mosque, which witnessed countless important moments from the past to the present, was built in the early 1800s. Although this mosque, which is constructed entirely of masonry, has a circle plan, the rectangular wooden sultan's pavilion at the northwest corner also adds a distinctive atmosphere.

The dome of the Asariye Mosque, which is in the bagdadi structure, with the two marble columns supporting the Hünkar pavilion and the square-section wooden columns between them, is also quite remarkable. Many of the buildings built during Mahmut II's reign have lozenge-graduated windows equipped with scaly grids in Asariye Mosque.

The interior of the Asariye Mosque, where the interior surface is made in plasterboard technique and the decorations reflecting the empire style, add privilege. The chandelier hanging in the center and ceiling fascinates the visitors with all its splendor. In addition to the chandelier in the middle of an eight-arm design where the medallion is located in the middle and decorated with motifs such as leaves and flowers, double plasters and oval ornaments also attract attention.

One of the most popular parts of the Asariye Mosque is the striking stone minaret with a square base rising to the body. It is also worth seeing the balusters of balconies decorated with octagonal stars and the garland reliefs just below.

Asariye MosqueAsariye MosqueAsariye Mosque


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