Alay Mansion

Alay Mansion

Alay Mansion

The Alay Mansion, which is located on the corner tower over Soğukçeşme side of the wall belonging to Topkapı Palace, is one of the most important cultural heritages of Istanbul located opposite of the Bab-ı Ali. There are windows on each facade of this glamorous mansion with seven facades. The facade of Alay Mansion facing the Street is completely covered with marble and the other facades are also made of wood.

The interior of the Alay Mansion, which is covered with a sliced dome that has the appearance of a tent, was also designed meticulously like the exterior part of the building. In order to go to the Alay Mansion, which is decorated with plaster relief ornaments in the form of 12 slices, you must climb an eight-story staircase through Gulhane Park. The bottom of the tent dome where the large throne room is situated also hosts three rooms, entranceway and a large hall.

The construction date of Alay Mansion is not known precisely however it is considered to have been built in 1606 according to the sources in the Topkapı Palace archive. Therefore it is stated in the light of all this information that it was built during the Murat III. period. On the facade overlooking the garden of the Alay Mansion, where the circular sultan's hall on the corner bastion is definitely worth seeing, you will find small service rooms with dense windows.

Alay Mansion, one of the oldest mansions in Istanbul, reflects the effects of the empire style in general terms, and its three-storey masonry structure also draws attention. The cone covering the dome is completely covered with lead, and the ceiling of the hall, which will immediately draw your attention, has a rich, attractive pen work.

It is possible to say that the handwritings seen on the window arches of the mansion, which witnessed important events and faced the challenges throughout the Ottoman history, were made by the famous Calligrapher İzzet Molla. 

Alay MansionAlay MansionAlay MansionAlay Mansion


  • ssedatylmz
    12.01.2023 12:51

    Topkapı Sarayı’nın dış suru üzerinde, padişahların geçiş yapan alayları seyretmesi için yaptırılan köşktür.

  • fatmagulsever
    18.07.2022 09:32

    Osmanlı saray surları kadar eski olmayan ama en azından dışarıdan görülmeye değer bir kule. Pek çok sultan görmüş bir yapı


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