Akaretler Row Houses

Akaretler Row Houses

Akaretler Row Houses

Akaretler Row Houses, situated in Beşiktaş district, one of the most central districts of Istanbul, are located between Beşiktaş and Maçka. Akaretler Row Houses, positioned at the intersection of Süleyman Seba and Sair Nedim Street, are qualified as the first mass housing project in Turkey.

In fact, the project of the Dolmabahçe Palace Akaretler (Mass Housing) was started by architect Sarkis Balyan during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz (1875) for the guardians and aghas serving in the palace long ago, however this area became important in terms of tourism later on and was named as Akaretler Row Houses.

Appartment number 76, where Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's mother Zübeyde Hanım also lived for a while, is also located in Akaretler Row Houses. Akaretler Row Houses, where the works of converting them into apart hotel started in 1992, underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1996. Akaretler Row Houses, which were converted into a large complex consisting of many areas such as offices, apart hotel, hotels, parking lots, shops and Mustafa Kemal Museum, were inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on March 19, 2008 after the restoration.

Although Akaretler Row Houses are established on 66 parcels which include a total of 133 residences, they have been converted into a complex of 56 appartments of different sizes, six cafes and restaurants, 34 stores covering an area of ​​11 square meters and W Hotel, a hotel chain, after the new renovation. Akaretler Row Houses, one of the most important examples in the category of row houses in Istanbul, also include the appartment where the world famous palace painter Fausto Zonaro stayed in 1891.

Akaretler Row HousesAkaretler Row HousesAkaretler Row HousesAkaretler Row Houses


  • fatmagulsever
    20.07.2022 07:46

    İstanbul'un ilk apartmanları özelliğine sahip Akaretler. Fotoğraf çekmek için güzel bir yer ancak evler işyeri gibi amaçlarda kullanıldığı için iç kısımlarını görmüyorsunuz. bence büyük bir eksiklik.

  • gunessygz
    23.12.2022 08:15

    Cumartesi günleri çok kalabalık oluyor eğlenmek için bire bir.


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