Adile Sultan Tomb

Adile Sultan Tomb

Adile Sultan Tomb

nulAdile Sultan tomb is also known as "Mehmed Ali Pasha". Adile Sultan, who was born on May 30, 1826, and whose mother passed away when she was a child, died on February 12, 1899 and was buried where her husband Mehmed Ali Pasha and other members of his family were also buried. Adile Sultan Tomb, located within the borders of Eyüp district of Istanbul, contains a total of nine cists, eight of which are full.

The construction of Adile Sultan Tomb, where the mortal remains of Mehmed Ali Pasha, Adile Sultan, their daughters known as Hayriye Hanım Sultan, Aliye and Sıdıka, their sons known as İsmail Bey, Sultan Murad V's wife Resan Hanım and Sultan Murad's daughter Fatma Aliye Sultan are situated, dates back to 1849. The tomb door is made of cast iron and Sultan Abdülmecid's signature dating back to 1849 is definitely worth seeing. It is an undeniable fact that the alms dish bring a completely different ambiance to the tomb, which have two separate rooms and alms dish is located in the parts of these rooms facing the street. In addition to the domed alms dish, columns with ion tops placed on the facade covered with yellow Afyon marble stone are also embedded in the wall. Adile Sultan Tomb, which can be easily reached from Bostan İskelesi Sokak in Eyüp Center, was built in 1849 for Adile Sultan's husband, Mehmet Ali Pasha. There are six cist in the room located on the right section and three cists in the room located on the left section of Adile Sultan Tomb which consists of successive structures. The six cists belonging to Adile Sultan, her husband Mehmed Ali Pasha, their daughters Sıdıka, Aliye, Hayriye and their son İsmail Bey are located in the room on the right section and the two out of three cists belonging to Sultan Murat's wife Resan Hanım and their daughters Fatma Aliye Sultan are in the room on the left section.

Adile Sultan TombAdile Sultan Tomb


  • gunessygz
    29.09.2022 08:48

    Mehmed Ali Paşa Türbesi de denir. Bostan iskelesi Sokağı'nın nihayetinde, Hüsrev Paşa Türbesi'nın sol tarafında ve Hüsrev Paşa Kütüphanesi'nin karşısındadır. Yakın tarihlere kadar bu kütüphanenin sağ tarafında bir kahve ve bu kahvenin önünde ise Hüsrev Paşa'nın sütun şeklindeki çeşmesi ve meşhur Bostan iskelesi bulunuyordu.


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