Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri

Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri

Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri

Tomb of Abdülfettah Bağdadi El-Akri, located within the borders of Üsküdar district of Istanbul, is situated on Nuh Kuyusu Street in Validei Atik Quarter. Abdülfettah’s nibs, who became one of the important scholars of Baghdad at a young age, drew great attention by memorizing Quran in a short time at that time

Abdülfettah, who was born in the town of Akra in the northeast of Mosul, was also known as the Kurdish Fettah. The following is written on the tombstone of Abdülfettah's nibs, whose tomb is located in the graveyard of Şeyhülislam Arif Hikmet Bey at the intersection of Selimiye-Bağlarbaşı Street and the road from Eski Valide Mosque to Karacaahmet Cemetery:

1281 Muharram ul haram 19 (24 June 1864) Yevm-i Cum’a.


Mevlana Halid kuddise sirruhu’l-vahid

Hazretlerinin hulefasından Bağdadi eşşeyh

Abdu’l-fettah Efendi’nin ruh-ı purfutuhları

cun el-Fatiha.

After Abdülfettah’s nibs settled in his islamic monastery in the Nuh Kuyusu locality of ​​Üsküdar district in Istanbul, commanders, scholars, pashas, ​​viziers from the state officials and saints literally lined up to be his students. Abdülfettah, who trained everyone according to their abilities, managed to touch the lives of countless people throughout his life.

Abdulfettah, one of the most important scholars of Sufism, wanted to meet his blessed teacher Mevlâna Halid-i Bagdadi as soon as possible in the last years of his life.In fact, in the middle of the month of Muharram ul haram, he received the blessings of his acquaintances and students. Then he announced his will. On the 19th day of the Muharram ul haram, he drew his last breath while listening to the Quran his students read next to him.

Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri Tomb of Abdulfettah Bagdadi El-Akri


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