Abdülbaki Pasha Library

Abdülbaki Pasha Library

Abdülbaki Pasha Library

Also known as, "Abdülbaki Pasha Darülkurrası" is a unique building got constructed by Abdülbaki Pasha, who was the head of provincial treasury during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I. This historical building, which reflects the classical Ottoman style in the best way and has survived to the present day, has a square plan and a domed structure, and its construction of cut limestone gives a distinct eye pleasure.

Abdülbaki Pasha, who asked the architect of the Sultanahmed Mosque Sedefkar Mehmed Agha to plan it as a tomb for himself, decided it to serve as "Darülkurra", that is, the place where the Quran education is given since the tomb is bigger than the tomb of Merkez Efendi. Abdülbaki Pasha Library, where the grave was prepared in the garden of the darülkurran and used for purposes such as the primary school, warehouse, children's library in the 1970s, is used as a place that hosts cultural events under the leadership of Zeytinburnu Municipality As of today.

The Abdulbaki Pasha Library, which is covered with a lead-plated dome, has rectangular windows framed with marble jambs in the lower row. Just above these rectangular windows, there are top windows with plaster arches and pointed arches.

Abdülbaki Pasha Library covers an area of ​​202 square meters in total, with a net burial area of ​​35, a net cemetery area of ​​34, a net courtyard area of ​​26, and a 66 square meter area under the dome.

Abdulbaki Pasha Library, the construction date of which is 1608 according to the information on the marble slab, has an independent domed structure and welcomes its visitors with a seating arrangement with cedar placed at the base of the wall at the entrance. Abdülbaki Pasha Library, where various musical performances are also held, offers an extraordinary experience to the visitors by capturing a great harmony with its past and spiritual climate.

Abdülbaki Pasha LibraryAbdülbaki Pasha LibraryAbdülbaki Pasha LibraryAbdülbaki Pasha Library


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    11.11.2022 07:08

    Merkezefendi cami ve çevresini gezdikten sonra biraz soluklanmak için uğramıştık. Zeytinburnu Belediyesi’nin ziyaretçilere ücretsiz çay ikramı var. Küçük hoş bir mekan.


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