Abbasağa Mosque

Abbasağa Mosque

Abbasağa Mosque

Abbasağa Mosque, located within the borders of Abbasağa Quarter of Beşiktaş known as one of the most central districts of Istanbul, got built in 1655 by Abbas Ağa. There is a fountain dating back to 1637 right next to this historical mosque, which was restored in the time of Mahmud II.

Abbasağa Mosque, also known as Abbas Bin Abdürrezzak, was originally built in memory of Abbas Ağa, one of the most famous darüssade aghas of the Ottoman palace. This mosque constructed in memory of Abbas Agha, who got baths and fountains, schools and mosques built in most districts of Istanbul, is surrounded by high walls.

The wooden workmanship of the sanctuary ceiling in the interior part of the mosque attracts great attention. The walls of the Abbasağa Mosque, which has two separate gates, namely the passage to the Sultan's Mahfil and the main entrance, are covered with a wooden roof as well as rubble stone and brick. The mosque consisting of a minaret, a sultan's pavilion, a rectangular sanctuary and a closed narthex, also has a small altar.

When you enter the mosque and look at the ceiling, the huge chandelier hanging on a golden star in the middle will immediately catch your eye. In addition to the ceiling surface arranged with eight-pointed stars and various geometric shapes, the fan-like ajouré consoles on the cornices attract a lot of attention.

The sultan's gathering place with colorful wooden elements is worth seeing. The sultan's hathering place, which is covered with a plasterboard dome, is a unique structure designed in wood and is located in the western part of the mosque. In addition, the extraordinary sultan’s gathering place, which is located on six wooden column, is located in the sanctuary section. 

Abbasağa MosqueAbbasağa MosqueAbbasağa Mosque


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