St. Pierre Church (Mounment Museum)

St. Pierre Church (Mounment Museum)

22.02.2021 00:18

St. Pierre Church, which the first Christians in Antioch used for secret meetings; To the west of Mount Stauris, it is actually stand out as a cave carved into the rocks. St. Pierre's Church, which has a very important value for Christians, is one of the oldest churches built for those who belong to this religion. According to the information obtained, Barnabas in the christian faith comes to Tarsus and brings Pavlos to Antioch. It is known that within a year they worked together and spread Christianity. Christians consider Peter to be the founder and first chief priest of the Church of Antioch. St. Pierre's Church, which is 13 meters deep and 9.5 meters wide, is 7 meters height. There are certain areas from the church to the present day. This place, which is a must-see place of worship, draws attention to parts of the floor mosaics and wall paintings next to the altar. The tunnel, which leads the church from inside to the mountain, suggests that it was built because it allowed Christians to escape comfortably in raids. The water that came through the rocks was used for baptisms. In recent years, this water, which visitors assume as curative, has also been given to patients to drink. However, due to the earthquakes, the water collected in the trough began to decrease. The church garden is known to have been used as a cemetery for several centuries. In St. Pierre Church, which is now used as a museum, only rite can be performed under the supervision of the Museum Directorate.
St. Pierre Church (Mounment Museum)St. Pierre Church (Mounment Museum)St. Pierre Church (Mounment Museum)St. Pierre Church (Mounment Museum)


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