Sarımiye (Sermaye) Mosque

Sarımiye (Sermaye) Mosque

Sarımiye (Sermaye) Mosque

Although almost all of the landscape photos related to Antioch a including it, Sarımiye Mosque is unrecognized yet, it remains its mystery in itself. In Antakya, only information is available in the inscription at the entrance of the courtyard about this house of worship, which is located in the class of rare mosques with little information about it. Sarimiye Mosque has only two data that can reach about it to this day. According to the inscription at the entrance of the courtyard, the mosque was repaired by Sarımi Haji Halil in 1131 according to the hijra calendar. Although it is not known who this person is, the second information is that the word 'Sarımi' means 'Sharp Sword' in Arabic. In many posters, posters and photographs depicting Antioch as of its location, all photos taken from the courtyard of the Catholic Church are located in the same frame as Sarımiye Mosque and the church's bell tower. But few people know which mosque this minaret belongs to! Although the cutting stone architecture of the mosque belongs to a known style, the minaret in the mosque courtyard has an importance for the history of art. The wooden entrance door under the minaret is located in a deep niche. There are stone shapes on both sides of the niche.

Sarımiye (Sermaye) MosqueSarımiye (Sermaye) MosqueSarımiye (Sermaye) MosqueSarımiye (Sermaye) Mosque


  • fatmagulsever
    19.07.2022 08:16

    Farklı yapıya sahip bir minaresi var. İlgi çekici. Trakyanin sembolü haline gelen bir yapı. Yolunuz Hatay'dan geçerse kesinlikle ziyaret etmelisiniz.

  • cemmelih
    03.11.2022 12:53

    Değişik bir yapısı var sizi alıp yapıldığı zamana götürüyor resmen

  • buseats2
    22.09.2022 06:45

    Çok farklı bir minaresi varr çok dikkat çekici.


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