Issos Ruins

Issos Ruins

Issos Ruins

Issos Ruins, one of the landmark locations of Hatay dating back thousands of years, is located in the north of the city. The origins of the ancient city of Issos, whose remains are found 15 minutes from the town of Erzin, are very deep. The landmark settlement, which lies between Mesopotamia in the south and Greek culture in the northwest, has been the scene of continually commercial and socio-cultural development for centuries. Built by genoese and surrounded by aqueducts of up to 8 meters, which reach the present day in very good condition. Archaeological excavations in Issos about baths, theatres, cisterns, cemeteries, piers, various roads and houses the remains were found. Although it has many details pointing out that it is an important settlement, the present view of the ancient city is ruined... The main reasons for being ruin are the structure of the land, the nature conditions and war-oriented demolitions. Issos has also been the scene of some important battles in history, including the war in 333 BC, when Alexander the Great, who built a great empire by bringing together the eastern and western civilizations, defeated the Persians. In this historic area, which took place in another 'Issos Wars' dated 114 and 622. It lived its golden age during the Roman Empire. It welcomes a considerable number of visitors every year. Although in ruins, these ruins are particularly stunning with aqueducts and reminiscent historical film sets and attract cultural tourism enthusiasts.

Issos RuinsIssos RuinsIssos RuinsIssos Ruins


  • pelinakgl
    29.08.2022 07:53

    Su kemeri dışında pek bir kalıntı görmek mümkün değil ama tarih sahbesindeki yeri düşünüldüğünde burada bulunmak farklı duygulara girmenizi sağlar.

  • buseats2
    22.09.2022 06:23

    İssos toprak altında kalmış bir şehir.kazı çalışmaları çok yavaş ilerliyor.hatay Erzin istasyonunun yaklaşık bir km batısında bulunuyor.orada yörükler yaşıyor.yörükler,issos un doğal bekçileri.


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