Harron Hell Boatman

Harron Hell Boatman

Harron Hell Boatman

St. Located 200 meters from the Pierre Cave Church, this rock relief is one of the most mystical elements of the city. The rocks depicting Haron, the Hell Boatman, whose name is mentioned in Greek mythology, are quite magnificent and completely hand-carved. Haron Hell Boatman rocks, which is very easy to reach because it is close to the center of Antakya, is one of the most mystical elements of the city with its appearance, majesty and mysterious beauty. The head of this gigantic relief measuring 4 meters by 1.5 meters is as if it was covered with a cloth. The work, which is actually a bust, was built in the 2nd century BC by the Hellenistic Emperor Antiochus IV. It was built by Epiphanes during the plague epidemic that killed thousands of the people of Antioch at that time. The Emperor, who took the idea of ​​having it built on a mountain overlooking the city, in consultation with the Oracle, believes that he can protect his people from diseases in this way. The sculpture, which was abandoned when the epidemic stopped before the construction of the relief was completed, continues to watch (protect) all of Hatay with its north-facing face today. Thus, it is believed that Haron, the Hell Boatman, whose name is mentioned even in Dante's Divine Comedy, symbolizes protection, not fear, contrary to what was predicted.

Harron Hell BoatmanHarron Hell BoatmanHarron Hell BoatmanHarron Hell Boatman


  • muratty
    05.07.2022 06:47

    Uzun ve zor bir yolu olsada gittiğinize değecek vebadan korunmak için yapılmış heykeller kayadan oyulmuş.

  • cemmelih
    03.11.2022 11:58

    Cehennem kayıkçısı ... Bu yerin büyüsü altında kaldım adeta Dağ manzarasının ardından karşımıza birden çıkan bu yontu muazzam bir görüntüye sahip binlerce yıl önce el yordamıyla yapılmış bir eser.


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