Harbiye Waterfall

Harbiye Waterfall

Harbiye Waterfall

Hatay, Turkey's ancient city on the border with Syria in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, is proud of the numerous works it has carried to the present day on the historical scene it has existed for centuries. At this point, natural beauties stand out in the city, which cherishes the time from Rome to the Ottoman Empire with many historical structures and artifacts. Harbiye Waterfall, known as the Caglayanlar Region, holds a special place among these natural wonders. Harbiye Waterfall, which stands out as a place of prosperity and summer resort as, is famous for its beauty, especially in 1st century DC, when Roman dominance took place. The waterfall is virtually a tourist paradise today. There are walking paths around it. There are also open eating and drinking places throughout the day, especially breakfast, accompanied by the sound of waterfalls. The bubbling of the waters that soar behind the rocks, immaculate air and freshness are among Hatay's favorite escape routes. Especially on hot summer days, the entrance to Harbiye Waterfall, which has paid parking, is free of charge. After entering, the tables are rented for a fee according to their size. In addition, the small or large teapots can be rented. If you want to eat something, trout is famous. Whether you put your feet in the waterfall waters and cool off, or enjoy the unique scenery, while eating or drinking something, whatever you wish to do ... You can get satisfactions to your expectations at Harbiye Falls.

Harbiye WaterfallHarbiye WaterfallHarbiye WaterfallHarbiye Waterfall


  • buseats2
    22.09.2022 06:22

    Doğal güzel bir yer. Küçük hediyelik eşya satan noktaları, serin sular içinde, yemek ve çay keyifi ile gezilesi, görülesi bir yer. Fiyatlar uygun.Doğal güzel bir yer. Küçük hediyelik eşya satan noktaları, serin sular içinde, yemek ve çay keyifi ile gezilesi, görülesi bir yer. Fiyatlar uygun.

  • caglaacetin
    11.08.2022 07:35

    Suyun huzurlu şırıltısının keyif verdiği, şehir merkezine yakın, doğanın muhteşem eseri

  • muratkpk
    04.08.2022 16:22

    Güzel yer gelin görün

  • UInD7G3N
    24.03.2022 22:20

    Harbiye Şelalesi ilk onerilerden biri olmalıydı baya geriye konulmuş. Ayrıca Yayladağı yazılmış konuma ne alaka. Harbiye Şelalesi Harbiye'de

  • cemmelih
    03.11.2022 12:52

    Huzur bulabileceğiniz herah bir ortam

  • pelinakgl
    29.08.2022 08:06

    Suların içinde buz gibi biryer,mutlaka gidilip görülmesi gereken yerlerden. Heryerden su akıyor yaaa,yok böyle serinlik,rahatlama,o suların sesi harika.


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