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Erzin Mineral Springs

Erzin Mineral Springs

In the east of the Mediterranean, Hatay on Turkey's border with Syria stands out for its natural beauties as well as its historical values. Erzin Mineral springs, which gave it’s name to the district where it is located at this point, is a hidden paradise, so to say. Erzin Mineral Springs, in the heart of the land where there are mostly small-sized trees, is getting more and more attention in the focus of nature and health tourism. Erzin Mineral Springs' hot spring water, which also has accommodation for touristic needs nearby, is noted to be good for many diseases. Hot spring waters, which stand out with its parameters such as both temperature and pH value, contain elements of a rich composition, especially bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, sulfate, calcium, magnesium. In this way ailments are said to be beneficial such as, digestion, rheumatic, dermatology,osteolysis, urinary tract. Especially the spas, where the elderly are more interested, are open throughout for 12 months. The hot springs, known for its serene atmosphere, are open all year long, famous for its view and fresh air. Finally, the intensity in Erzin Mineral springs is increasing especially in spring and summer.

Erzin Mineral SpringsErzin Mineral SpringsErzin Mineral Springs


  • buseats2
    22.09.2022 06:59

    Erzin içmeler mevki güzel bir yer. Yazın ve kışın gidilebilecek bir yer. Alış veriş yapacak yerler mevcuttur. Çay bahçeleri, fırın ve kasap mevcuttur.

  • cemmelih
    03.11.2022 13:35

    Güzel bir yer. Tam aile ile gitmelik yerlerden. Denize ortalama 30-40 km.


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