Tekke Mosque

Tekke Mosque

Tekke Mosque

Gaziantep, a mystical and attractive city, is also famous for its structures that push the boundaries in architecture. One of them is the Tekke Mosque located in the District of Şahinbey. The date of completion of the historical work, also known as Mevlevihane Mosque, is 1638. It was built by Mustafa Agha, a well-known Sanjak governor in Gaziantep. The outstanding feature is its amazing minaret.The minaret, which passes under the road, is a rare architectural element in the world. It is also possible to look up as you walk and examine the minaret with all the details. The mosque is devastated by a fire in the early 1900s. When the records of the following years are examined, it is seen that these ruined parts were built by Sheikh Mehmet Münip Effendi. The mosque, which has a small courtyard and a fountain, is also well known to the local people for its courtyard, which is usually distributed with sweets during religious holidays. In general, the entrance door of the mosque, which is made of cut stone, is made of iron. The Tekke Mosque, which has little ornamentation and thus offers simplicity and elegance together, is still open to worship today. The building is also among the most beautiful mosques not only in Gaziantep but in the whole region.

Tekke MosqueTekke MosqueTekke MosqueTekke Mosque


  • Hakkı Gez
    01.09.2021 07:07

    Geçen sene ailecek gitme fırsatımız olmuştu. Manevi havası çok yüksek bir yer.

  • gunessygz
    04.11.2022 09:04

    1600’lerde bir Türkmen Ağası olan Mustafa Ağa tarafından yaptırılmıştır. Minare altından kemerli kapı ile avluya erişilen minik sevimli bir yapıdır.


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