Şehreküstü Mansions

Şehreküstü Mansions

Şehreküstü Mansions

Şehreküstü Mansions, a collection of architectural structures that describe the development and change of the ethnographic texture of the city in Gaziantep in the most beautiful way, is home to the most admired architecture of the city from the 1900s. Şahinbey District's silhouette complementary to the function of mansions Şehreküstü, is seen as an important cultural heritage of the city. These mansions, which are quite likely to be seen even as a kind of museum complex, date mainly to the 1900s. Many of these mansions, all of which have been restored to their original state based on the diversity and beauty of their architecture, serve as museums today. Şehreküstü mansions are also among the most welcoming places in Gaziantep. It is a well-known fact that photography enthusiasts take the most snapshots here. In the mansions, where every detail of the historical texture which has been given function in ways such as library and Culture House is inhaled, a large number of items that point to the life of the city are exhibited. In this way, the ethnographic development process of Gaziantep’s people can be seen in the mansions where visitors have the opportunity to examine pots and pans, bowls, spoons, carpets, trays, wall ornaments, candlesticks, century-old furniture and many more items. With the aim of street beautification and contributing to the aesthetic value of the city in general, the mansions carry the meaning of bringing tourism to a neighborhood that was not in ruins before, but was in a very poor condition with many details. It is also worth mentioning that it is a value that contributes to tourism in terms of its surroundings. As a final note, it is worth noting that Iftar organizations are also organized during Ramadan, which is very important for Muslims in the large areas in front of these mansions.

Şehreküstü MansionsŞehreküstü MansionsŞehreküstü MansionsŞehreküstü Mansions



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