Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)

Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)

Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)

The Hidden Mansion, also called Antep Palace, is almost a reflection of time in Gaziantep. How could it is not? This sophisticated structure welcomes guests from Turkey and around the world and city-dwellers for 300 years with its historical richness. Hidden Mansion, which is basically a museum opened to visit in 2011, exhibits close to 2 thousand copper items of historical importance. With this diversity, it is among the most respected museum not only in Turkey but also in the world. The beginning story of the museum is based on the idea of exhibiting the works that put together artifacts collected over the years by Ali Atalar who is an author and a collector in a historical structure. The passion that started in high school years of Atalar, who has books on history, crafts, copper, turns into a cultural identity that is passed on to future generations in Antep mansion. Hidden Mansion, which has 12 rooms and is notable for its architecture, also includes weapons, manuscript books, a close 250-year-old cover belonging to Said Pasha, the governor of Egypt of the Ottoman Empire, and rare works such as rifle dating from the war of Independence. The museum, which promises a different trial of antiques, also has an outdoor space where religious breakfast can be served and tea and coffee can be enjoyed. In this way, visitors to the museum can listen in a positive atmosphere where the wealth of culture is of high value among the antique copper items.

Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)Hidden Mansion (Antep Palace)


  • ahmetyaylacii
    21.09.2022 10:29

    Güzel bir müze. İçindeki konakta kahve içip dinlenebilirsiniz de 😌

  • zFycl0E6
    25.04.2022 19:22

    saklı konakta çok güzel gezmek nasıp oldu Gaziantep'te olupta böyle yerleri bilmek gerçekten çok üzücü


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