Şahinbey National Struggle Museum

Şahinbey National Struggle Museum

Şahinbey National Struggle Museum

The Şahinbey National Struggle Museum, which describes all the processes of the struggle that gives a city the title of ‘Gazi’ to the utmost detail, takes all its visitors on a time journey. Ottoman Empire, when it was defeated in World War II, it was subjected to intense occupation. Antep, the historical city of Anatolia close to present-day Syria, was also affected by the invasions that took place all over the region and had a long hard time. November 1919 January 21, 1920, after 2 months in the city occupied by the French, the resistance began and the similar struggle has taken its place in the pages of history today. After more than a year of struggle against the French and British during the war of independence, the city was liberated from occupation and Antep was given the title of ‘Gazi’. Şahinbey National Struggle Museum, which is the subject of this struggle with all aspects, is one of the places of spiritual and cultural importance in the city. The arrangement of a historical building as a museum forms the basis of the Şahinbey National Struggle Museum. Within the scope of the museum, which has 12 rooms, orientations and systematic design stand out. The description of the liberation of the city in chronological order is underlined. In addition, rifles, pistols, swords and many other types of weapons can be examined in the museum, where there are recreations of models made of wax in the narration. In addition, many items and documents that shed light on the war years can be seen. The museum, which can be visited daily from 09:00 to 18:00 free of charge, is one of the stunning historical treasures in Gaziantep.

Şahinbey National Struggle MuseumŞahinbey National Struggle MuseumŞahinbey National Struggle MuseumŞahinbey National Struggle Museum


  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:30

    çok çok çok güzel bir müze gerçekten seslendirme bal mumundan yapılmış güzel bir müze 🙏🏻

  • gulleribrahimm
    30.12.2022 13:34

    Beklediğimden daha etkileyiciydi. Giriş ücretsiz, gayet temiz bir mekan ve iyi bir müzecilik örneği olarak düzenlenmiş.


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