Millet Khan

Millet Khan

Millet Khan

Khan examples from the Ottoman period can be found in many cities of Anatolia. Gaziantep is also considered as a special city in this sense. There are numerous historical inns in the city that are marked by a period of architecture. One of them, the Millet Inn, offers traces of Ottoman architecture. The Millet Inn, which is among the single courtyard inns, was built in 1575. Some additions are made to the inn, which was created during the reign of Lala Mustafa Pasha. Thanks to these additions, the place becomes a real caravanserai. In 1890, the upper section, still preserved today, was added. The name of the inn before the Republic is ’Aziziye'. When Atatürk visited Gaziantep city after the period of resistance, the name of the inn would be changed to ‘Atatürk Inn’, but the Great Leader would not allow it. Therefore, the Khan now begins to take the name’ Millet Khan ' in the official sense. The historic inn, which is one of the major stops of the Cultural Road, attracts attention from various craft shops. It is often preferred as a recreational area. The Millet Khan, which fills the eye with its imposing appearance, is a classic caravanserai. The inn underwent a significant restoration process in 2003. With this restoration, the khan regains its powerful old appearance. The restoration of the historic inn, which is based on a sizable area, features the signature of a businessman. In this way, the khan, which has been left without a bit of care and has begun to face oblivion, re-seizes the opportunity to be passed on to younger generations. Since this place was located on the Silk Road in the past times, khan always attracted great attention. There are around 70 workplaces in Millet Inn today. Between Gaziantep Castle and the inn, one of the most visited places in the city, there is only a distance of 300 meters. Many places to visit in the city are already found in this area. In this sense, access to the inn is extremely easy.

Millet KhanMillet KhanMillet KhanMillet Khan


  • gunessygz
    04.11.2022 08:55

    Gaziantep ‘in tarihi ve güzel hanlarından. İçerisinde keyifle dinlenilebilir ve bir şeyler içilebilir. Çiçekler, çalınan müzikler harika. Zaman tüneli gibi…

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:51

    Geziye bir mola verip çay kahve içebilirsiniz güzel Bir han🙏🏻


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