Fairytale Park

Fairytale Park

Fairytale Park

The fairytale Park in Gaziantep, founded with the motto of creating a park full of fairy tale heroes, is one of the most entertaining places in the city. Gaziantep, the historic city in southeastern Turkey, is a striking attraction with its natural beauty and social facilities. However, the city, which also has a dense population, has equipped the Şehitkamil district with the most interesting places for citizens and tourists. Among the mentioned attractions, Fairytale Park is one of the most tourist-attracting places in the city. The Fairytale Park, which is offered as a public service, is, as its name suggests, a predominantly children-oriented location. About 80 thousand square meters in the Fairytale Park, there are many statues loved by children from Kaloghlan to Snow White. Full of colourful amenities, the Fairytale Park features pools, a botanical park and water channels with boating rides. Reading areas, which aim to popularize books and to arouse curiosity against stories, are also among the most popular corners of the park. The Fairytale Park, which even has a skating rink, receives great praise from people of all ages and all hobby groups. The Fairytale Park promises hours of fun for children as well as teenagers and parents. The Fairytale Park, where sports can be done on walking paths, and where you can relax in the tea garden if wanted, has an eye-catching splendour with its recreation areas. A total of more than 200 trees are planted in the area, as well as thousands of ornamental plants offering visual elegance.

Fairytale ParkFairytale ParkFairytale ParkFairytale Park


  • jg8fe5D6
    14.11.2022 10:40

    Gayet güzel tek olumsuz yani etrafı bakımsız

  • rumeysacakmakk
    08.08.2022 08:10

    Çocuklar için ideal bir park olmakla birlikte Yetişkinlerinde gelip oturup dinlene bilceği alanlarda mevcut

  • ahmetyaylacii
    21.09.2022 10:03

    Masal park yürüyüş yapmak isteyenler için bol gölgeli ve diğer yerlere göre daha az kalabalık olan bi parktı. Her yaş gurubuna hitap eden geniş ve temiz bir alanı var.

  • cZDybV6M
    07.04.2022 22:16

    Ortamı çok kötü, pek tavsiye edebileceğim bir yer değil.


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