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Kendirli Gazi Cultural Center

Kendirli Gazi Cultural Center

Kendirli Gazi Cultural Center is among the most important cultural heritage acquired in Gaziantep. The historic building is very valuable to the local people. In the 1930s this place was called 'the people's House'. At that time, this place was home to many artistic and cultural works. The preferred stones in the building are keymih stone. These stones have an important place in traditional architecture. Construction of the building corresponds to the year 1860. The economic support of both missionaries and Catholics at that time accelerated the process. During the defence of Antep, this place, like many other places in the city, is severely damaged. It serves in the form of a teacher's school for some time before being used as a church. The right of use of the building remains at the Ministry of Education for a considerable time. Then, the property rights are transferred to Gaziantep Municipality. Once the city gets the building, it decides to turn it into a cultural center. Three-dimensional and animated images are always presented to visitors. In particular, many materials about the critical years that the city of Gaziantep was defended are located within the Cultural Center. In this sense, it functions as a museum on one side and as an archive building and Cultural Center on the other. The structure also has a monumental nature. In this sense, very careful consideration is taken in the restoration process and its original texture is preserved. Especially in the interior, superficial interventions are made for decoration purposes only. Hologram shows are performed at the Kendirli Gazi Cultural Center, which is designed as a very modern place where all the possibilities of technology are utilized. The Cultural Center, which has functions such as churches, teachers ' houses and movie theaters respectively, has become the focal point of many cultural and artistic activities in the city, just as planned. Special education programs are also created here for people of all ages throughout the year.

Kendirli Gazi Cultural CenterKendirli Gazi Cultural CenterKendirli Gazi Cultural CenterKendirli Gazi Cultural Center



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