Hz. Ukkaşe Mausoleum

Hz. Ukkaşe Mausoleum

Hz. Ukkaşe Mausoleum

On the way to Gaziantep and Adana, when you pass Sakçagöz, there is an imposing hill rises to your left. This hill houses the Tomb of Ökkeşiye. A large number of people, especially from surrounding provinces and districts, flock to this area to visit the shrine. In this area surrounded by greenery, there is a tomb of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Ökkeşiye is a person of the companions. He is a martyr in the Muslim conquest of Gaziantep. He is therefore regarded as quite an important figure for the city. Although the shrine's location on the top of the mountain forces visitors a little bit in terms of transportation, this creates a much more beautiful atmosphere. Gaziantep-Nurdağı public transport can be preferred to go here. The road leading to ‘Hazrat Ökkeşiye’ or, in other words, ‘Ukkaşe mausoleum ' has an asphalt road in the village of Durmuş. Around the shrine are fairly deep and fertile water wells. Visits to this place throughout the year are usually in groups. Hadrat Ökkeshiye is a very valuable person who asked for prayers from Hazrat Muhammad. He is among the rare ones to be heralded in heaven even on earth. He is also one of the companions who kissed the seal of prophethood. At that time, Hazrat Ökkeşiye went to Medina and became personally involved in the Battle of Badr. Later, Uhud also takes part in important religious wars, such as the Hendek. Ibn Abbas also has a good hadith about him. Ökkeşiye mausoleum, one of the most important religious sites in the city, is a door of hope for those who wish to fulfill their wishes. It has a reputation as a place often visited, especially by wives without boys. They say that if their wishes are accepted, they will sacrifice for the sake of Allah. People who have a boy after the visit are called Ökkeş.

Hz. Ukkaşe MausoleumHz. Ukkaşe MausoleumHz. Ukkaşe MausoleumHz. Ukkaşe Mausoleum


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    Güzel nezih bir yer türbenin haricinde mesire alanı, kesim alanı ve cami de mevcut. Girişte nizamiye var tabi araçlar İçin ücret tarifesi de eklemişler. Bölgeye hakim bir tepede olan Hz. Ukkaşe b.Mihsan türbesi gelinip görülmeye değer diye düşünüyorum.


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