Pistachio Museum

Pistachio Museum

Pistachio Museum

The Pistachio Museum is about the development of Pistachio, which is more of a culinary culture than a nut, and its placement in foods that leave unforgettable marks on the palates. One of the first delicacies that comes to mind when Gaziantep is mentioned is undoubtedly a nut called Pistachio or Şan nut, which takes its name from the city's name. There is also a museum that describes the historical development of this nut, which turns baklava into a feast, makes it friendly to tea side and leaves a pleasant taste in the palates, and the Gaziantep Pistachio Museum is one of the most curious tourist attractions in the city. The museum has a rather striking appearance with its peanut-shaped architecture. In this sense, it meets his visitors with positive emotions that make it smile even as visitors approach it. Almost everything about pistachios is remarkably placed inside the museum, which is depicted in a modern and sophisticated manner. In the museum, peanuts are exhibited with almost all aspects. History, other plant species that make up the peanut family, varieties, harvesting process, breaking, concepts as such usage areas are presented. The museum, which also features children-only boards, caters to everyone from 7 to 70 and sheds light on the city's ‘peanut’ culture. Admission to the museum, located in the district of Şahinbey, is free and is open every day of the week. The Pistachio Museum, an ideal location to learn and to make sense of pistachio, adds value to a significant value symbolizing a city.

Pistachio MuseumPistachio MuseumPistachio MuseumPistachio Museum


  • zFycl0E6
    23.04.2022 23:09

    gerçekten harika bir müze onerdiniz ve rehber olduguz için minnettarım

  • sudekilic
    06.10.2022 06:54

    fıstık hakkında güzel bilgiler veren güzel bir yer olmuş emeği geçenlere teşekkürler..

  • gulleribrahimm
    30.12.2022 13:07

    Küçük bir müze ama yeterli bilgiyi barındırıyor.

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:39

    fıstık parkının içi de güzel küçük bir müze girişler ücretsiz 🙏🏻


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