Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum

Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum

Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum

Gaziantep, which is regarded as a city of gastronomy, manages to introduce its food and drink culture to the whole world. When you come to the city, you may encounter a lot of places that reflect local tastes. Gaziantep is a city that has been influenced by different civilizations throughout history. Apart from all these eating and drinking places, there is also a museum reflecting the cuisine of Gaziantep. Opened under the name of Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum, this special museum clearly reflects the multiculturalism of the city. The venue is of particular interest because it is a thematic museum and plays an important role in the promotion of kebabs, baklava and saucepan dishes. The museum has the density to befitting a city whose cuisine is registered by UNESCO. The city's accumulation of culinary culture is crowned with this museum. The museum, which has a great interest especially for those who are fond of eating, is also a guide in terms of what will be eaten in the city. A historic building from 1904 is preferred for the Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum. This building belongs to Ali Ihsan Göğüş, Turkey's First Minister of Tourism. After a protracted restoration, this house is converted into a museum. Gaziantep Municipality plays a very important role in the restoration process of the museum. Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum opened in 2008. The museum is also very close to Gaziantep Castle, which is frequently visited. This makes the museum much easier to explore. The most important feature of Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum is that it is the first museum established in this theme. Here, not only the delicacies, but also the traditional tools and equipments that are preferred in Gaziantep cuisine are introduced to the visitors. Inside the museum there is also a symbolic goods sales consisted of department with spices or copper varieties. The museum can be visited every day until 17:30.

Emine Göğüş Kitchen MuseumEmine Göğüş Kitchen MuseumEmine Göğüş Kitchen MuseumEmine Göğüş Kitchen Museum


  • ahmetyaylacii
    21.09.2022 10:10

    Müze kart geçmiyor, nakitle bilet alamıyorsunuz, sadece temassız kart ile ödeme yaparak giriliyor. Müze güzel. Antep mutfağına yönelik her şey var. Keşke yemeklerden de tadabiliyor olsaydık.

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:38

    harika bir müze 🙏🏻

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    24.08.2022 13:07

    Görmeseniz de bir şey kaybetmiyeceginiz bir müze.

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    23.04.2022 23:06

    eskiden günümüze insanı kendimden alıp götürüyor 🙏🙏

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