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Boyacı Mosque

Boyacı Mosque

The Boyacı Mosque, which is one of the most valuable mosques in Gaziantep both historically and architecturally, is located on Hamdi Kutlar Street. According to those quoted, the mosque was built by Boyacı Yusuf, but it is said that Kadı Kemaleddin had an important role in the construction of the place. Certain parts of the mosque's mihrab are covered with vaults. Boyacı Mosque is referred as ’Boyacıoğlu mosque' by local people. Even when the archives are examined, the expression of Kadi Kemalettin mosque is also observed. Kadi Kemalettin, known as one of the scholars in those years. The person who gave his name to the historical mosque which is located within the borders of Şahinbey district is known as Boyacı Yusuf. One of the most visited mosques in Gaziantep, the Boyacı mosque was restored in 2007. This restoration process is carried out by the General Directorate of Foundations. According to the inscription in the mosque, the mosque was completed during the Mamluks period (1357). Another inscription says that the mosque was repaired in 1575. This repair was carried out by Mehmet Pasha, the governor of Aleppo at the time. The fact that it has a very unique pulpit makes the Boyacı mosque privileged and unique. Only for this part of the pulpit is even visited. The pulpit is embedded in the wall thanks to a rail as a structure. Especially on Friday, the rails are pulled over and the pulpit is opened. After the sermon is recited, it is repulsed and placed in its former place. This creates a significant savings in terms of volume. The pulpit section is made of walnut wood. The various decorations in this area also immediately stand out. It is unique in Turkey in that it moves on wheels. The minaret section of the mosque was renovated towards the end of the 1800s. At the same time in similar years the madrasa is demolished. The Boyacı mosque has a rectangular plan.

Boyacı MosqueBoyacı MosqueBoyacı MosqueBoyacı Mosque



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