Bayazhan City Museum

Bayazhan City Museum

Bayazhan City Museum

Bayazhan, one of the most important museums in Gaziantep, dates back to 1909 as a building. The building was built by Bayaz Ahmet Effendi. He was a well-known tobacco merchant in Gaziantep during those years. The idea of turning this place into a museum is particularly outweighed by the idea of spreading the culture of the city. This idea finally comes to life in 2005. For a long time before that, the inn, unfortunately, remains in disrepair. The municipality of Gaziantep, which has taken over the property rights of the building, manages to turn the historic Bayazhan, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, into a beautiful city museum in 2009. The restoration phase of the building is undertaken directly by TOKI. The museum soon reaches a serious number of visitors in the city. In the museum, the historical, cultural and natural beauties of the city are transferred to the visitors with a variety of materials. An important place is reserved for elements such as baklava and food culture. At the same time, thematic sections on some handicrafts identified with Gaziantep are included. Among these, mother-of-pearl and copper processing are particularly at the forefront. Apart from the various exhibition spaces inside the Bayazhan City Museum, The Sister Cities Exhibition Hall(Kardeş Şehirler Sergi Salonu) also attracts visitors. On the other hand, you may encounter model versions of some buildings that have a certain value in terms of architecture in Gaziantep. The inn underwent extensive restoration before being converted into a museum. Gaziantep Bayazhan City Museum, which has very successful collections, offers voice guidance services. Visitors have the opportunity to listen to information about models and other materials through headphones. In the same way, the kiosks in the museum provide an intensive transfer of information about the city. Students can visit the museum, which is currently open every day of the week, free of charge. The museum is open to visitors until 17:30.

Bayazhan City MuseumBayazhan City MuseumBayazhan City MuseumBayazhan City Museum


  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:33

    Burası da gerçekten güzel bir müze girişler 5tl gezilmesi gerek bir müze 🙏🏻

  • gunessygz
    04.11.2022 09:11

    Gaziantep’i tanıtan güzel bir müze hemen yanında güzel bir restoran ve lezzetli yemekli var tabi biraz pahallız

  • gulleribrahimm
    30.12.2022 13:18

    Antep'te eğer kısıtlı vaktiniz varsa bu müzeden başlayıp Zeugmaya devam etmek mantıklı. Kent tarihini şehrin detaylarını fotoğraf ve vitrinlerde görmek güzel.


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