Coppersmith Bazaar

Coppersmith Bazaar

Coppersmith Bazaar

Gaziantep is one of the densest cities in Turkey in terms of culture. This colorful and multicultural city welcomes numerous domestic and foreign visitors throughout a year. Coppersmiths Bazaar, which is among the places visited by the city arrivals as a priority, has a busy area that is more than expected. Coppersmiths Bazaar; at the same time, is seen as the most vibrant, most active and social spot of the city. It is possible to encounter shopkeepers in the bazaar both beats copper and selling rugs, bags, toys, suits and similar souvenirs. The Coppersmiths Bazaar, which is literally a riot of colors, is a vibrant place where sound and art are not lost for a moment. The region manages to attract the attention of foreign tourists, especially at all times. When you come to the market, you can meet many goods produced from copper. Coppery is an ancient culture in Gaziantep. The city's association with coppery continues for nearly 400 years. In the Ottoman bazaar, which continues to experience this culture, you may encounter many things that you can take as a gift to your loved ones. There may be price differences for the same products in the market, so you should not forget to higgle. It is known that Coppersmiths Bazaar has been used actively since the 19th century. Even recently, the municipality of Gaziantep decided to restore this historic bazaar. In this context, a terrific architect was adapted among the single-storey workplaces. That famous hammer hit on copper has now become a natural melody here. This wonderful bazaar, where the products called handicraft are sold largely by manual labor, also offers traces of glass and mother-of-Pearl Art. If you enter even randomly a workplace, you can witness live performances of masters without shopping. Keeping the production areas together with the sales areas is considered as the most important reason why the bazaar is so vibrant.

Coppersmith BazaarCoppersmith BazaarCoppersmith BazaarCoppersmith Bazaar


  • rumeysacakmakk
    08.08.2022 08:23

    Gaziantep i gezmeye başladık Bakırcılar çarşısı beni eskiye götürdü. El emeği sanat ürünü bakır ürünler o kadar cezbediciki hepsinden alası geliyor.

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:48

    Bakırlardan gözlerinizi alamıcaksınız çok güzel 🙏🏻🙃

  • gunessygz
    04.11.2022 08:50

    El emeği ile yapılan bakırların olduğu bir çarşı.


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