Atatürk Memorial Museum

Atatürk Memorial Museum

Atatürk Memorial Museum

In many parts of Turkey, there are memorials or museums about the Great Leader Atatürk. One of them is in Gaziantep, one of the important cities of the resistance. The Atatürk Memorial Museum, located in the historical Bey quarter, welcomes visitors of all ages. The first part of the museum, which consists of separate sections, contains some original items belonging to Atatürk. These two buildings have a common courtyard. The second section contains the Atatürk Research Library and the Oral History Research Room. Especially in the Oral History Research Room, important narratives about the defense of Antep draw attention. These narratives are transferred over a large cinevision. At the same time, the items used by the people during the years of resistance are presented as examples. On the other hand, there is a separate section that hosts seminars. The museum is the focal point of many different events throughout the year. Atatürk, who came to the city just before the Ramadan Festival in 1933, was greeted with great enthusiasm by the people of Gaziantep. During that visit, Atatürk was also given the title of honorary citizen. Because of his efforts for the liberation of the city against the French, Atatürk continues to be welcomed here with great affection. Gaziantep Municipality plans to build a Memorial Museum in his name in order to strengthen and make this strong bond between Atatürk and the local people eternal. As a result of this idea, a classic Gaziantep House is preferred for the Atatürk Memorial House. A family located here donates their traditional home to the municipality for the museum. You can use 08:30 to 17:30 hours to come to the Atatürk Memorial House, which is open for visitors all week. A fairly small fee is charged for the museum, while students can visit the museum free of charge at any time. This is also true for those over 65 years of age or for soldiers.

Atatürk Memorial MuseumAtatürk Memorial MuseumAtatürk Memorial MuseumAtatürk Memorial Museum


  • ahmetyaylacii
    21.09.2022 09:22

    Gaziantep Kültürel Gezisinde mutlaka ziyaret edilmesi gereken yer. Şehrin vermiş olduğu mücadele ve Atatürk’ün şehre gelişini bayram havasıyla kutlayan bu halkın tarihini yakından bu şekilde görmek son derece faydalı.İlk katta olan küçük sinema alanında video olarak izletilmeli talebinde bulunabilirsiniz.

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:30

    Atamızın bize bıraktığı güzel bir müze 🙏🏻


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