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Yakutiye Madrasah and Archaeological Museum

Yakutiye Madrasah and Archaeological Museum

Yakutiye Madrasah, which is processed with fine patterns such as needle lace, from the Ilhans period; It was built by Emir Hodja Jalalettin Yakut during the reign of Olcaytu, the ruler of the period. The madrasah with closed courtyard, iwan and rivaq has managed to stand since 1310. The structure, which is the largest in Anatolia among these types of madrasas, is also among the symbol works of Erzurum. Sultan Olcaytu's on behalf of Gazan Khan and Bolugan Hatun makes this madrasah hodja Yakut Gazani. The place, which was operated as a madrasah until the Ottoman period, was used as a foundry after a while and has been operating as a military warehouse since the end of the 19th century. In 1964 and 1973, the Directorate of Foundations underwent repairs in Republic period. Yakutiye Madrasah was last restored by the Ministry of Tourism in 1991 and won the form of the Archaeological Museum. To the west of Yakupoğlu Madrasah, there is a taçkapı, a cubic base to the south, a cylindrical-bodied minaret and a cylindrical cone corner tower reflecting the same formal features in the northern corner. Especially in the side wings of the Taçkapı, the tree of life depicted from a water source like coming out the vases, two lion figures on each other, and double-headed eagle figures on it are important for Islamic iconography.

Yakutiye Madrasah and Archaeological MuseumYakutiye Madrasah and Archaeological MuseumYakutiye Madrasah and Archaeological MuseumYakutiye Madrasah and Archaeological Museum



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