Oltu Castle

Oltu Castle

Oltu Castle

Oltu Castle, which is known among the most famous places in Erzurum, has managed to survive since the 4th century BC. The castle built by the Urartu; It was repaired during the Byzantine, Seljuk, Akkoyunlu, Karakoyunlu and Ottoman periods. The most recent restoration work was carried out in 1998-1999. This castle, which was even used as a caravansary during the Ottoman period, was used as a caravansary; It has an area of 3 thousand square meters. From the castle made of cutting stone, the outer castle and the walls unfortunately couldn’t reached to the present day. The inner castle means 'Ehmedek', which means cisterns, a shrine, a chapel and castle guards' places. There is also a secret waterway from Ehmedek to oltu river. Located in the northeastern corner of the inner castle, the chapel is steep and above the high sign. In the 10th and 11th centuries, the chapel, which was built by Georgians who dominated the region, was built in a six-leaf clover plan. At the eastern foot of the inner castle is the Seljuk Bath, which extends to the Seljuks. The bath house has also been able to survive in much better condition than other departments. One of the two bastions to the north of the castle was used as a shrine.

Oltu CastleOltu CastleOltu CastleOltu Castle


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    01.07.2022 08:00

    Şehrin merkezinde yer alan yürüyerek ulaşabilceğiniz ama sadece dıştan görebileceksiniz çünkü girişi kapalı

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    Şehrin merkezinde yer almaktadır. Yürüyerek ulaşabilirsiniz. Daha önce gittiğimde içine girilmiyordu. Sanırım hala da girilmiyor. Şehre ayrı bir hava katan hakim bir kale görünümünde.


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