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Narman Fairy Chimneys

Narman Fairy Chimneys

Narman Fairy Chimneys, popularly referred to as "Red Fairies Land" in Erzurum, are like a gift from the geology of the rare region of Eastern Anatolia. The Narman Fairy Chimneys in Erzurum, which was listed as a World Temporary Heritage Site by the Unesco National Commission of Turkey in 2012, are mainly the product of the region's compression tectonics. In terms of its formation and structure, fairy chimneys, which are similar only to the Grand Canyon in america's Colorado Valley, have a geologically long history dating back to the Pliyone Age. Narman Fairy Chimneys, which have a structure formed by mainly red sandstones and similar lycels, have four, five accommodation facilities in the 62 km valley, by Erzurum Governorship, Metropolitan and Narman municipalities, as well as bicycles and horsemen created safari and trekking trails with ATV. The Fairy Chimneys, which were taken under to protection in 2010, were also listed as a World Temporary Heritage site by the UNESCO National Committee of Turkey in 2012. Narman Fairy Chimneys, which are one of the indispensable travel points of nature tourism in Erzurum, are places where local and foreign tourists compete with each other to see with an increasing acceleration every year.

Narman Fairy ChimneysNarman Fairy ChimneysNarman Fairy ChimneysNarman Fairy Chimneys


  • umriyeee
    13.04.2022 18:25

    Güzel bir tesis kuruldu. Hem restorantı hem de doğal güzellikleri ile gezilmesi gereken bir yer.


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