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Erzurum Picture Sculpture Museum and Gallery

Erzurum Picture Sculpture Museum and Gallery

In the name of the establishment of the State of the Republic of Turkey, the most important step ,taken by him,is the Erzurum Congress, which was taken by him again in the War of Independence, which began under the leadership of The Headteacher Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The building where the congress was given (Ataturk Painting And Sculpture Museum and Gallery Directorate) is one of the most beautiful architectural works that describe the recent history. "The War of Independence begins under the leadership of The Head Teacher Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in order to reclaim the occupied homeland lands of the Ottoman Empire, which was defeated in the First World War, and to establish a fully independent country." Although it is easy to say and listen to this sentence, preparations for war are not that easy... Ataturk first goes to Samsun, publishes the Amasya Circular.Right after it, he holds Erzurum Congress, Balikesir Congress, Alaşehir Congress and Sivas Congress raise public awareness. After the preparations made by Hüseyin Rauf Bey and his friends at today's Ataturk House Museum in Erzurum, the house, Atatürk hold the congress is the most important point for the history of the republic of the city. The building,was built by an Armanian named Cigic Sanasaryan in 1864, it’s entire wooden part ruined as a result of a fire in 1924. Two years later, after it is repaired opens to the service for the people of Erzurum as the “Gazi Primary School”. The congress building, which continues to convey knowledge as many different educational institutions over time, is finally opened to the public named Congress Building Erzurum Painting Sculpture Museum and Gallery as a result of the restoration passed by the Parliament in 2013.

Erzurum Picture Sculpture Museum and GalleryErzurum Picture Sculpture Museum and GalleryErzurum Picture Sculpture Museum and GalleryErzurum Picture Sculpture Museum and Gallery



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