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Erzurum Castle

Erzurum Castle

The 2,500-year-old Erzurum Castle, which was left from Urartu to Byzantine Empire and one of them to Ottoman Empire, plays a fundamental role in the defense of the city. The history of Erzurum Castle extends to the Urartu thousands of years... The castle, built 2,500 years ago, was later taken by the Byzantine Empire and built by Emperor Theodosius it’s inner castle. The inner castle built in 415 maintains its first day stand for thousands of years and gives information about the city's history of defense. Erzurum Castle consists of two castles; Inner Castle and Outer Castle. In the early periods, there are soldiers and guards who defend the city within the Inner Castle. The Outer Castle is divided into streets and neighborhoods, and it hosts the people of the city. With the passage of Erzurum to the Ottoman Empire, the Inner Castle Masjid is built next to the northern wall of the Inner Castle. In the following years, the Ottomans who wanted to Turkize the castle, Ali Aga fountain, abu Isaac-ı Kazeruni Tomb and The Tomb of fortys, adding here, they make the castle the eternal resting places of the important clerics. Erzurum Castle has four gates named Georgian, Erzincan, Tabris and İstanbul. Although much of the walls are succumbed to time, it greets visitors with these imposing entrance gates and its magnificent walls.

Erzurum CastleErzurum CastleErzurum CastleErzurum Castle



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