Double Minaret Madrasah

Double Minaret Madrasah

Double Minaret Madrasah

The most magnificent work left over from the Anatolian Seljuk State to Erzurum is the Madrasah of the Double Minaret, the symbol of the city. When you follow the countless traces of the Seljuk State, which has ruled Anatolia for many years, you reach one of its most magnificent, the Double Minaret Madrasah. The symbol of Erzurum is the black pearl of Anatolia with its breathtaking beauty of its visitors, and this work is a fairly visual feast. It is thought that the madrasah, which is not exactly known by whom, was built by Hundi Hatun, daughter of Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat, or Sultan Hatun of Ilhanlı. The building, which is named after these two women who are likely to be founders, is therefore one of the most valuable architectures left since the 13th century, also known as Hatuniye Madrasah. Two-storey and four-iwan madrasah... It is the most important example of large individual architectures with its wide dimensions of 35 meters 46 meters. The Double Minaret Madrasah, the most magnificent and deeply artistic structure of seljuk stone decorations, was carefully embroidered with a double-headed eagle, a tree of life made up of sliced leaves and two snake motifs with open mouth. In addition to the works in the madrasah, which is named from the minarets just constructed up to the balcony, the colors used stand out. The most important of the turquoise color decoration, especially used in minarets, is the turquoise color adornment, which is also formed in the form of a panel at the top. Those who see what kind of elegance and aesthetic embellishment that says God in Arabic, is almost captivated. Double minaret madrasah is also used as an arsanel in IV. Murad period, Ottoman state sultans... Today, the place, which is both a museum and a painting exhibition hall, serves art as the most magnificent building in the art.

Double Minaret MadrasahDouble Minaret MadrasahDouble Minaret MadrasahDouble Minaret Madrasah


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