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Paradise Fountain

Paradise Fountain

In Erzurum, the pearl of the east, which smells of history all over it, the fountains takes special place. The city, thousands of years old, is rich in underground water resources, it’s dense population combined with the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, of course, as an Ottoman element, many fountains emerged. The fountains, were used on the basis of both drinking and providing the needs. In addition, the foundation of the people's dignitaries by building fountains has turned into a respectable and appreciated tradition for centuries. In this context, it is obvious that The Paradise Fountain, located in Karakose neighborhood, one of the central locations of the city, is among the highlights. Why the Fountain of Paradise? It’s been legendary for its water, light and sweet in taste, it’s found a place in travel book. Evliya Çelebi, for example, mentioned that its water is benignant. The name of the fountain is in various written sources as 'Paradise Spring'. The Paradise Fountain, one of the oldest fountains in Erzurum, which was last repaired in 1976, is flowing till now. The Fountain of Paradise is still active as it was the first day after hundreds of years at its location. With its babbling water, without saying young, aged helps to quench the thirst and breathe. It is known that its water is especially irresistible to taste and is preferred by the locals to brew tea. The historic fountain also stands out for its structural details. The Fountain of Paradise, which has a number of original features, after the varies repair, and is among the must-see and taste in Erzurum.

Paradise Fountain



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