Aziziye Bastion

Aziziye Bastion

Aziziye Bastion

Bastion is known to Nene Hatun for the story of a young girl who combated knightly and fall martry in the Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-1878, which was mentioned in the pages of history as 93 Battles. She carries the courage of Nene Hatun, who fall martry when she was a young girl, walking over enemy soldiers fearlesly and fighting chest to chest. Perhaps Aziziye Bastion has the most worthy in spiritual aspects in the bastions that Abdulhamid II built in Kars and Erzurum against Russian harassment attacks, the Aziziye Bastion is a homage to those who died for the sake of the country. Erzurum, also known as the 'City of Bastions'... They played a major role in the repelling of enemy troops run into Erzurum during the Ottoman-Russian War leading up to the Kars occupation. Nene Hatun, who reflects the courage, warrior spirit and nobility that Turkish women have for the sake of love of the fatherland, participates in the Aziziye Bastion. Nene Hatun, who died in her chest-to-chest struggle, reminds once more to Turkish woman how valuable the homeland is and the Russians are not allowed to pass Erzurum. After the Russian soldiers repelled the Aziziye Bastion is repaired and also built a mausoleum in the name of Nene Hatun. Aziziye Bastion is the most visited place, which keeps the most visited tomb of the city in itself, has high spiritual value.

Aziziye BastionAziziye BastionAziziye BastionAziziye Bastion


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