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Ata Park Botanical Garden

Ata Park Botanical Garden

It is one of the world's highest-altitude botanical gardens and reveals the city's natural beauty. Ata Park, the botanical garden with the highest altitude in Turkey, fascinates those who see it with its more than 150 species of plant. The Ata Park Botanical Garden, which has an enormous beauty with various endemic plants and different types of flowers in different families, takes place in the head of the list of the most magnificent places in the city. The garden, which gives you the impression that it is heading towards a land of peace with its magnificent scenery, opens the doors of a mysterious and fairytale universe with its 'Alice of Wonderland' view... The Ata Park Botanical Garden, which combines almost every color of nature, is one of the most important places to increase the nature tourism of Erzurum with its stone roads and unique scenery. As a project of Professor Dr. Hasan Yilmaz on an area of 350 thousand square meters, 100 thousand square meters of the park, which was completed in 2006, constitutes a special interest of the public with landscaping. The Ata Park Botanical Garden, one of the most magnificent places famous for its natural beauty in Erzurum, is one of the most popular haunts for photography enthusiasts and peace seekers.

Ata Park Botanical GardenAta Park Botanical GardenAta Park Botanical GardenAta Park Botanical Garden


  • acelyaabasar
    26.10.2022 11:43

    Çok sakin, temiz, huzurlu bir yer. Giriş ücreti sadece 10 lira. İçinde kafe falan yok, kamelyalar var. Biz çok sevdik, her yeri ayrı güzel

  • furkanakay
    01.07.2022 08:03

    Turist lerinde ilgisini çektiği Bahar aylarında tadını çıkara bileceğiniz doğal güzellik.


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