Edirne is a city that stands out with its historical bridges. Uzunköprü has been one of the most popular bridges in Edirne for centuries. Uzunköprü, one of the city's symbol Bridges, also forms the name of the district located here. Construction of Uzunköprü. is known to be begun during the reign of II.Murad. The bridge was completed between 1427 and 1443. The most interesting information about Uzunköprü is that it is the longest stone bridge in the world. The architect of Uzunköprü is Muslihittin Bey, who has a very successful design. He has his signature in many other buildings in Edirne. His name is also given a school in Edirne. Uzunköprü has a total length of 1392 meters. The width of the bridge is measured as 5.50 meters. These are the information stored in Edirne Yearbook. However, when the bridge is re-measured today, some data changes. Uzunköprü nowadays measures 1272 meters. After the repair work in 1964, its width also increased. Uzunköprü's first case had 174 high arches. Currently, 164 of these arches are standing. His eyes, which are located in the Ergene section, have draining eyes. The bridge has seven separate draining eyes in the total. Some plant and animal figures are used in the foot parts of the bridge. These symbolize the power of the bridge. The fountain at the beginning of Uzunköprü has a marble inscription which was damaged during the Greek occupation. Apart from the various folds on top of this section, which is an inscription on Tamir, there are also rose motifs. The bridge contains a historic pavilion, which is used even today. This pavilion also has two balconies. In the construction of Uzunköprü, stone blocks in the form of travertine and limestone is used. The last restoration related to the bridge takes place in 2014. The General Directorate of Highways plays an important role in this repair process.



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