Sinan Aga Fountain

Sinan Aga Fountain

Sinan Aga Fountain

Sinan Aga Fountain has a quadrangular plan. The part of the historical fountain with three faces facing the mosque is deaf. The fountain is built entirely of cut stone material. It has a stone roof with pyramidal properties. Dr. Rifat Osman ,as with many other buildings in the city, conveys a lot of information about Sinan Aga Fountain. According to the information given by him, the fountain is fed from the sources in the vineyards located on the side of the Aynalı Tabya(mirrored bastion). This source also gives water to the numerous fountains located in the city. Apart from Dr.Rifat Osman, Badi Efendi, a historian from Edirne, is one of the names who gives a lot of information about this place. Accordingly, the fountain is said to be built on 19 August 1310. The name,Sinan Aga, is not the first person to bring water to the city, his name has been recorded specifically as having repaired this fountain. On the corners facing the street side of the fountain, there are columns with hourglass-shaped pedestals. Above all three facades,there is a pointed arch keystone. Sinan Aga Fountain has a height of 5 meters and 75 cm. A mirror Stone is placed in the niche of the historical fountain, which is around four meters in width. At the focal point of the mirror Stone is the sliced deaf arch. At the bottom of the arch, there are holes in the pipe known as the pipe with no tap. A rectangular panel at the top of the fountain was left empty. The water trough on the western side is invisible due to the road passing through it. There is an original inscription on the key part of the pointed arch of Sinan Aga Fountain. The rumis on the border below the eaves cover the interior of the fountain in a horizontal form. There are also badges on top of the keystones on each facade. The eastern part of the fountain has a brow-arched structure. Tulip motifs are prominent in the triangles in this section.

Sinan Aga FountainSinan Aga FountainSinan Aga FountainSinan Aga Fountain



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