Meriç River

Meriç River

Meriç River

They are two most important rivers of Edirne. Even the region where the rivers are located is called the 'City of Waters'. Important promenade areas are located around both rivers. The Meriç River originates exactly within the borders of Bulgaria and enters Turkey over Edirne. It is also included in part of the borders of Greece. The Meriç bridge over the Meriç River is sometimes referred to as the Mecidiye Bridge. The large promenade and rest areas along the bridge form a unity with the area. Due to the presence of both the river and promenade areas, Edirne is one of the places of interest to the people. The area of the river can be reached in a short time by minibuses departing from the city. The Meriç River is also shown as one of the largest rivers in Rumeli. The river, which emerges from the northern part of Rhodope Mountain, first waters the Plovdiv Plain, then Edirne, and finally passes into Western Thrace. The total length of the Meriç River, which flows into the Aegean Sea, is around 490 kilometers. About half of this distance falls within the borders of Turkey. The Tunca is actually one of the tributaries of this great river. Besides Tunca, there are two other branches named Ergene and Arda. There is the Mustafa Kemal Pasha Bridge in one part of the river, which stands out for its elegant appearance. Meriç is also the name of a neighborhood in Edirne. This area is also the district most affected by the river. The basin of the Meric River is located in Greece. One of the tributaries of the river spills into the Gulf of Saroz in Greece. This river also determines our border with Greece to a certain extent. Meriç is known as the 10th largest river in Turkey. In general, it has a vicious characteristic. For this reason, it may damage some residential areas due to its flow rate. The amount of water it carries during winter periods increases considerably.

Meriç RiverMeriç RiverMeriç RiverMeriç River


  • cigdemyagmur
    18.07.2022 11:45

    Doğada serbest zaman geçirmek, balık tutmak, avlanmak ve piknik yapmak. Bütün bunları Meriç nehrinde yapabilirsiniz


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