Mecidiye Bridge

Mecidiye Bridge

Mecidiye Bridge

The Mecidiye Bridge in Edirne is also known as the Meriç Bridge. The bridge is located on Edirne-Karaağaç road. The construction process of the bridge begins with the encouragement of Sultan Abdulmecit in 1842. Mecidiye Bridge, opened at the end of a five-year period, stands out with its length of 263 meters. The bear is seven meters in width at the time and is located at 13 feet above. On the other hand, the bridge has 12 pointed arches. Mecidiye Bridge has a sloping structure. Special draining eyes are placed between each foot. The pavilion with inscriptions in the central part consists of marble material. There was a solar motif in this area in earlier periods. Walking trails and new social spaces are created around Mecidiye Bridge or; in other words, Meriç Bridge. There is a harmony between the Meriç River and the Mecidiye Bridge. Mecidiye Bridge, one of the most important bridges in Edirne, which stands out as the’ city of bridges', promises visitors a peaceful environment. Surrounded by tea gardens and restaurants, the bridge meets with serious interest especially in spring and summer periods. When Sultan II.Mahmut first arrived in the area in 1832, he ordered the replacement of the wooden bridge located here. He says that a stone bridge should be built instead of a wooden bridge. This order will be responded about ten years later, during the reign of Abdulmecid. The original inscription of the bridge disappears during the period when the Greek occupation began. Certain parts of the bridge attract photography enthusiasts. In particular, it is possible to capture very special frames at sunset or sunrise. Mecidiye Bridge is shown as one of the most beautiful places in the world where sunsets can be viewed. The Cruise Pavilion adds a special value to this place from a tourist point of view. The presence of wall paintings in this section presents traces of Western-influenced Ottoman art.

Mecidiye BridgeMecidiye BridgeMecidiye BridgeMecidiye Bridge


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