Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain

Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain

Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain

Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain is located on the entrance road to Edirne via Istanbul. The Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain, a kind of place for salaat known as namazgah, was known for a long time as a center where pilgrims went on pilgrimage from the city. That's exactly where the name comes from. It is known that the fountain was built by Ahmet Aga in 1798. Cezzar Mustafa Effendi was extensively repaired in 1903. The inscription in the fountain contains detailed information about this repair. The information here says that Cezzar Mustafa Effendi attributed the repairs to his wife's soul The stones in Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain consist of smooth cut stones. Its upper section protrudes outward with consoles. It is difficult to find such fountains in the general architecture of the Ottoman Empire. In this context, this historical fountain is considered a special example from an architectural point of view. The fountain, which has a single façade and no receptacles, is also seen to be horizontal and rectangular in shape. In certain sections of the facade there are different inscriptions on both construction and repair. These inscriptions are located separately in the middle and upper floors. The Pilgrims’ Azan Fountain has been one of the symbols of the city for many years. Especially the namazgah being a place for salaat, which is located in the back section, is effective in attracting the attention of the place. The historical fountain located on the tarmac of Talatpaşa is placed on all fours. Its upper section is covered with a smooth dome. All four sections of the Namazgah area are open and also have round arches. Three lines stand out in the facade area of the fountain. Floor sections are separated by deletions. In the mirror section, unfortunately, the original mirror of the structure is not found today. Immediately on the side of the fountain there are outwardly overflowing sequins.

Pilgrims’ Azan FountainPilgrims’ Azan FountainPilgrims’ Azan FountainPilgrims’ Azan Fountain



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