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Ghazi Mihal Mosque

Ghazi Mihal Mosque

Ghazi Mihal mosque is one of the surviving historical mosques of Edirne. According to Arabic information written in the inscription mosque was built in 1422 during the reign of II. Murad. The inscription also mentions the name of Aziz Bey, a descendant of Mihaloğulları. This family not only in Edirne, but also in many parts of the Balkans has charities which they pioneered. Evliya Çelebi visited this place one day in 1653, when she returned to Istanbul from Bulgaria, and used words of praise about it. In 1907, C. Gurlitt who analysis the artefacts in Edirne records incorrectly the name of the mosque due to a pronunciation error that occurred at that time. Due to misspelling the name of the mosque, there is a confusion in foreign sources regarding this mosque over a very long period of time. In both parts of Ghazi Mihal Bey Mosque, there is a tabhane with shelter-shaped rooms. Based on this information, it is understood that this was a zawiyah mosque in the past. Unfortunately, the mosque suffered significant damage after the earthquake in 1752. After this earthquake, very serious damage occurs in the minaret part. The demolished minaret is renovated in Baroque style. The Ghazi Mihal Mosque, which has faced many disasters throughout its history, underwent an important repair process, especially in 1891. In 1953, the mosque was severely affected by the earthquake and certain parts of it were damaged. The restoration work for the mosque, which was abandoned to its own fate for a long time, takes place exactly 40 years later. It can easily be observed that the mosque was unearthed with painstaking craftsmanship. In this sense, it contains significant details. The original fountain of Ghazi Mihal Mosque, which is a cut stone building, is not in place today.

Ghazi Mihal MosqueGhazi Mihal MosqueGhazi Mihal Mosque



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