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Ghazi Baba Tavern

Ghazi Baba Tavern

It is one of the finest taverns in Edirne, Ghazi Baba Tavern... even a poem written in the name of this famous Tavern is the most prominent element of the ambience. The tavern, which attracts attention with its concept, is known for its calm and peaceful environment as it has a clean and sophisticated interior. Although it varies according to taste, the appetizers in Ghazi Baba Tavern are said to be quite delicious by those who experience it in general. In the tavern where delicious meat dishes are served, the most popular cold appetizers are preferred. In addition, there are salads, cold appetizers, decks, main course, dessert-shaped meals, as well as alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. The tavern has two floors, upper and lower. There is also the pleasure of live music accompanied by a team of musicians with musical instruments such as clarinet and reed flute. On the other hand, the staff that welcomes its visitors with a smiling face deserves praise. In Ghazi Baba Tavern, where interest is held at a high level, friendly operators can visit your desk from time to time and ask if you are satisfied. The sweetest poem of Gazi Baba Tavern being calmness-giving atmosphere, which was written by one of his visitors, is as follows: Middle of Edirne, Behind the new pharmacy, There's a famous Tavern, They call it Ghazi baba., All good people, lovers go there all the time. Welcoming guests with a rich menu, Gazi Baba Tavern on Zindanaltı Street is the ideal place to spend enjoyable hours with family or friends.

Ghazi Baba TavernGhazi Baba TavernGhazi Baba TavernGhazi Baba Tavern



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